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Web Solutions for Woodworkers


Items in some lists can set as featured. But what does that mean? Good question....

First, a website usually contains one or more LISTS. By that I mean a list of things. It could be a list of messages, a list of events, a list of links, a list of bowls, a list of projects, a list of items, etc.

You decide how many LISTS you need on your website and what sort of information each of your list needs. For instance a LIST of bowls might need a title, description and photos, but a LIST of events needs a title, location and date. You decide how many LISTS and what makes up each of those LISTS.

Each LIST, in turn has one or more ITEMS. We work on the how the LISTS work, but you control how many items are in the LIST, by adding/removing items to the LIST using the Administration site.

Now each ITEM can either be Active or Inactive. If it's inactive it will show up in the list on the Administration site, but won't show up on your website. It it's Active it will show up on your website. So the Active/Inactive checkbox for each ITEM determines whether web site visitors can see the item or not.

Now about the Featured part...

Each ITEM also can be set as Featured, but the Featured is a little different. First of all you identify which items in a list you want to be "featured" and you set them as featured.

Then this is where the magic happens. YOU tell me what you want to do with "Featured" Items. It's completely up to you and then I will program you website to do what you want.

You might tell me that you want to use the Featured flag as a way to determine what is seen on the home page. You might say just show "featured" items on the home page, and show all items on the next page.
Or you might tell me how all items on a certain webpage, but put those "Featured" ones at the top.
Or you might say put all items on a webpage, but for those that are Featured, make the photo appear larger than the others.

While the Active/Inactive status of each ITEM is pretty much set (it either shows or doesn't show on the website) the Featured status can be set to mean anything you want it to mean.

Hope this helps explains it.


© 2006-2012 Mark Goodall